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Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Deify Team

Sharon Baldeon, Coordinator

Deify Coordinator Sharon Baldeon reintroduces the care in customer service. With a background in Bio-med and Women’s Studies, she considers Deify a working field for her passion to serve people. From NYC to Hawaii and back, Sharon possesses the true marks of a traveler’s heart. Currently enlisted to serve our military’s Air Force, Sharon’s gathering her experiences of life outside the city and bringing home the touch of charm it needs.

Deify Team

Sergio Mateo, Coordinator

Deify Coordinator Sergio is a freelance fashion stylist who's found home in the world of beauty. His years of experience in the fashion industry brings new layer to the Deify culture. Merging passion for all things style with life at the salon, he knows that beauty is a multilayer - composed of hair, makeup, skin care and of course, fashion.

Deify Laser

Inna Knyazevch

Inna Knyazevch, Licensed Esthetician + NYS Certified Cosmetic Laser Technician

Deify Licensed Esthetician and NYS Certified Cosmetic Laser Technician, Inna K’s experience is one that spans over 10 years. Beginning her studies and practices in native Ukraine, skin care has always been a lifelong passion for Inna. Seemingly limitless in her pursuit, she’s served as a Laser Technician and Skin Consultant for years working for a variety of companies & department stores. As a practitioner she sees firsthand the value in skin care, evidenced in the many a clients who have experienced results. When talking skin, Inna never grows weary of reminding us that "Every little bit helps. Better late than never".

"I had an excellent experience with Inna, who was very professional, informative, and really nice...not to mention extremely accommodating. I went in for an organic facial, but she recommended a microdermabrasion instead. I was hesitant because I had never had microdermabrasion before and I did want to get some extractions, but she gave me good points to explain the pros and cons of both. I am glad I listened to her and she went the extra length of doing part of my extractions anyway - even though they are not part of the treatment. She was very thorough and explained the process along the way. I was very happy with the results." – M. S.
Cynthia Monroy

Cynthia Monroy, Licensed Esthetician + NYS Certified Cosmetic Laser Technician

Deify veteran, Cynthia Monroy is a stamp in the company’s culture. Having over 5 years of experience in the beauty experience, her heart for interacting with people in memorable form has always played an important role in career. Originally a Linguistics major in Canada, she made a change of course upon discovering an interest in the field of esthetics. Upon returning to the states, she rooted herself in the industry, a decision that is continually affirmed in the testimonies of her clients.

"…The heavens opened once I came across CC. LHR isn't rainbows and butterflies ladies.... it hurts, just like waxing and yes those ingrown hairs from shaving! CC gets the job done and fast, answers any questions you have, and I've also seen my best results with her (which is at least an 85% reduction in hair)." – E. C.
"The technician I see (CC) is really great. She doesn't rush though the procedure (which only lasts like 10 minutes or so anyway), takes time to use aloe & sunscreen afterwards, and does a great job." – Jessica B.
Deify Team

Gabrielle Gurkan, Licensed Esthetician + NYS Certified Cosmetic Laser Technician

Formally a nursing student, Gabrielle found herself dabbling in a laser program during her years of study from which an interest in the field of esthetics was peaked. Having a passion for skincare at an early age she knew that a shift in course was only appropriate. Now a certified Esthetician and Deify Laser Technician, Gabrielle shares in the life changing experiences of her clients. Noting that Deify sets the standard for serving people first, providing quality relationships for clients and exceptional technology.

"I have seen three different technicians all of which were SO friendly and professional. I recommend Gabby for laser hair removal…I definitely recommend Deify, latest technology and great technicians." – Lauren A.
Diana Pop

Diana Pop, Licensed Esthetician + NYS Certified Cosmetic Laser Technician

Initiating her career in Medical Cosmetics, working alongside plastic surgeons in Romania, Diana’s passion for skin care has always been a first love. One that has garnered over 10 years of experience within the field. After relocating to the states, she continued her pursuit and began to specialize in the field of Esthetics and Laser technology. For Diana, the people and the results are the factors that drive her each morning. Serving as validation and forging purpose in a lifelong dedication.

"I had my first treatment for laser hair removal today with Diana. She was just wonderful and made me feel completely at ease during a not-so-comfortable Brazilian LHR treatment. It was relatively quick and Diana talked me through it the whole time." – Shelly G.
"Diana is an amazing technician, efficient, friendly and professional. She always asks if I'm comfortable and is very quick. I'm usually in and out in 15 minutes. There's hardly ever any wait time at all." – Suri Schachter
Deify Team

Victoria Rivera, Licensed Esthetician + NYS Certified Cosmetic Laser Technician

Originally a Political Science major, Victoria’s future in law was one marked by ultimate desire to make impact on people’s lives. Serving as a stepping stone, the experience led her to discovering her drive within the sciences of skin care. Like many of us during adolescence, Victoria faced many challenges with her skin due to acne. The years of overcoming her own obstacles sparked an interest within the field of esthetics and has since proven itself rewarding, delivering life changing experiences with the clients she meets day to day.

"I've just completed my 6 sessions, and VICTORIA is absolutely the BEST! She's extremely thorough as well as caring and very friendly. My results have been amazing and I would recommend her to everybody." – S. J.
"Victoria was awesome: she explained what she was doing each step of the way, making it a quick, painless, and fun process! Can't recommend her enough." – Laura Wilson
Hannah Sabas

Hannah Sabas, Licensed Esthetician + NYS Certified Cosmetic Laser Technician

Hannah Sabas is a 5 year practitioner of the esthetics field. Having suffered with troublesome acne at a young age, her interest in skin care was peaked. Unraveling ardor for the practices that could aid others facing similar skin challenges much like hers in adolescence. Now, as a Deify Esthetician and Laser Technician, Hannah persists in helping others. Noting the countless testimonies of clients whose lifelong skin troubles have been eradicated by the touch of experts who care and that can only be found at Deify.

"Clean, punctual, up to date technology. Hannah does a wonderful job every time. Great customer service." – Cristina Rodriguez
"I have been coming to Deify for more than 1 year now & I love it! Hannah my technician is the best. I love the results and have recommended all my friends to stop by, and they have! Customer service is great and so is the treatment." – Elena P.
Deify Team

Lori Reising, Licensed Esthetician + NYS Certified Cosmetic Laser Technician

A formally trained and registered nurse, Lori's experience has always centered on medical procedure. Pursuing change she migrated into the esthetics field, developing skin care techniques and awakening a passion for laser technology. For Lori, the day to day is simply rewarding. As a member of the Deify culture she highlights its all encompassing benefits, serving as a quality provider of all treatments in one dedicated space.

"I had two facials by Lori and they were wonderful.  You can tell she loves her job and is very good at it.  My face felt amazingly fresh and clean afterwards, and throughout the facial Lori gave me tips on how to remedy the issues she saw in my skin." – Kay P.
"Ask for Lori!!!! She's so sweet and personable. I walked out glowing! Swear she has magic in her hands!!!" – Maryam Q.

Deify Beauty Lounge

Deify Team

Marina Tilyayera, Color Apprentice

Inspired by creativity, Marina was drawn to Deify for its impeccable Color Program. Trained by the salon’s senior stylist, Jeanise Aviles, Marina’s expertise centers on assisting in creative coloring. Having a number of years of experience in the industry she finds Deify to be unlike other salons, highlighting its technique for having a hands on approach. Marina’s background also lends itself to the world of photography having worked alongside Model Mayhem, an experience that merges art forms from hair to makeup, photography and more.

Deify Team

Meagan Bannon, Junior Stylist

A natural stylist with a heart in theater, Meagan has served as part of the Deify family for the last 2 years. Her experience within the hair industry spans over 5 years having worked both professional establishments and freelance. Her expertise centers on creative coloring, though all shades welcome she has fiery obsession for all things (hair, specifically of course) red.

"Meagan washed my hair and when I told her I was in a hurry and upset about the idea of having to wait a long time, she quickly finished me and went over to assist Nadia in her blow-out. Working together, they finished quickly, and Nadia got me out in time for my dinner reservation! (Once again, Meagan stepped in to assist with the blow-dry)…many salons skip on assistants to wash hair and assist with blow drys, so it was great to see Deify still maintaining that practice." – Jennifer O.
Deify Team

‘Nancy M’ Poppy, Stylist

Nancy Marie Poppy known to her clients as ‘Nancy M’ is an expert stylist with over 19 years of experience, formally trained by the experts of Vidal Sassoon. In the course of her career she’s traveled the world, styling and training both in England and New York. "The haircut makes the statement" says Nancy whose passion has pushed her career beyond the realms of a mere hair dresser. She takes pride in the relationships formulated with clients, viewing styling as a pivotal opportunity to change someone’s life, revamping and defining individual style.

Deify Team

Ariane Garcia, Hair Colorist

An expert in creative coloring from natural hair, highlights to Avant garde style, Ariane has over 15 years of experience in the industry. Initiating her passion for hair styling at the early age of 11. Formally trained by the experts of Vidal Sassoon she continues to implement the techniques, defining style by people and pushing the limits on trend. She shares that at Deify each stylist has a unique expertise and vision, making it a place where there’s someone for everyone.

"I asked if it was possible to get my roots done after my manicure and they put me with Ariane, who is my new favorite person. We discussed how I wanted to eventually get rid of my dark hair and bring it up to a caramel. She listened to me, heard what I wanted to do, and she made good suggestions and we ended up with a 2.5 hour ordeal with magnificent results!!" – Pamela J.
Deify Team

Nadia Chanoine, Senior Stylist

For Nadia, styling hair comes naturally. Kicking off the hobby at a very young age, she quickly became the go to person among friends. During a season of training, she developed her technique as an assistant, forging her unique style with every opportunity and after a few months she branched out on her own, taking on the role as an official stylist. Now, with 6 years of experience in her corner and a passion that has long existed since childhood, Nadia continues to redefine her style. And as a resident of upper Manhattan catering to the Chelsea market, she encourages clients to never judge a book by its cover when entering into a new salon.

"Nadia gave me a great new look with a single process Groupon I had. The place looks great with cute and classy decorations. Fun music like Beyoncé and Alicia Keyes. My hair turned out great and I had a lovely experience." – Sasha S."
"Well I'm glad I took the leap of faith for Nadia at Deify. Nadia is FANTASTIC. She's not only talented and knowledgeable about hair but she's also attentive and caring. I went in for a hair style different from my usual (long) and she actually listened, looked at my pictures, and made suggestions (she advised that I not go as short as I think I want). I left with the perfect cut and style." – Cam E.
Deify Team

Talia Burrows, Senior Stylist, Makeup Artist – East Greenbush

For Talia Burrows the spark in doing hair and makeup was always evident. Beginning at an early age and developing into a lifelong profession, her years of styling span 8 years in the industry. With passion beyond the craft, she finds great pleasure in getting to know her clients, meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Deify Team

Jamie Mckeon, Senior Stylist – East Greenbush

Former cosmetology teacher Jamie Mckeon was always involved in the world of beauty. From makeup to hair, her experience spans over 12 years. Introducing edge with every cut and style she pushes the boundaries on creativity. As a Deify member she highlights personal touch as a distinguishing factor in the salon’s offering from other establishments, providing an intimate setting for clients to establish relationships with the experts and achieve the results they’ve envisioned.

Deify Team

Mackenzie Held, Senior Stylist – East Greenbush

Senior Stylist Mackenzie Held turned a high school hobby into a career. From highlights to low lights her work centers on creating looks as unique as her clients. As a stylist she enjoys the opportunity to meet new people, hearing their stories and playing a role in shaping their perspective through the art of styling.

Deify Team

Emi Aoki, Nail Technician

In-house nail technician, Emi Aoki is an artist whose professional background boasts over 10 years of experience working in London, LA, Portland and NYC. From Fashion to Runway, TV production, Bridal and more, Aoki’s designs transcend across industries. As a renowned nail artist she specializes in a variety of nail techniques including Japanese style nail gel.

"My manicurist (Emi, amazing) has recently taken space at Deify, so I found this place purely by accident, but I feel like I've found my tribe!!!" – Pamela J.



Shkurte, Vice President

Shkurte, better known as Gashi, is an instrumental part of the company’s achievement and growth.Formally a computer programmer, she interned at a massage establishment in 2002 and quickly accepted full time work upon graduating. Immersed in a world of skincare and beauty, a new passion was awakened.  In 2010 she officially made a shift in career, joining forces with Deify owner and founder, Melissa Cavanaugh as she launched her first business, Pulse Laser. Now with Deify, both she and Melissa continue the success. With their combined vision of building a beauty empire unlike any other, Melissa and Gashi work together to  make Deify Laser + Beauty Lounge the beauty and skincare destination of all New Yorkers. Embracing the reward of helping everyday clients and leading  a staff that feels more like family.

About Deify

Deify Laser + Beauty Lounge combines all elements of beauty, from cosmetic laser procedures to body contouring to a beauty lounge with the finest makeup and hair artists available.  Far from your common spa establishment, the practice centers around helping people by providing quality procedures utilizing the latest in laser technology, skin and hair care products, and a diverse team of highly trained and licensed professionals. Having overseen over 100,000 procedures in her years of experience as a licensed esthetician and certified cosmetic laser technician, owner and founder, Melissa Cavanaugh has sought out, trained and employed only the best in the beauty industry. Offering a combined staff experience of over 50 years, Deify serves two locations, one in NYC’s Chelsea district, and the other in East Greenbush, NY, just ten minutes from Albany. It is among the highest rated spa establishments in New York, with glowing reviews and five star ratings. Schedule your complimentary consultation today.

"After trying laser treatment in other places, I am SO happy with Deify! A really professional place with incredible products AND great service. I'm not an expert, but comparatively, Deify's lasoring was faster, easier, and not painful - And the service was awesome, and the results are AMAZING." – Addie M.
"Deify is a gem. This place is impeccable. I do not think they have left any stone unturned! As a healthcare professional, I would recommend Deify over 100% of the establishments I have seen over the years. All staff that I encountered were professional, courteous and knowledgeable. They have thought outside the box and it shows." – Elizabeth R.
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