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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

For an easy and permanent solution to unwanted growth and unsightly ingrowns, Deify Beauty employs only the best in laser hair removal technology using state of the art Candela Laser Systems. Our lasers treat both light and dark skin, and are equipped with Cryogen fitted cooling systems for a comfortable treatment process. Although performing laser services is not regulated in New York State, at Deify it is mandatory that each technician is not only Licensed in skin care as an Esthetician, but also certified as a NYS cosmetic laser technician as well as a NYS laser safety officer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laser Hair Removal & How does it work?

Laser Hair Removal is a faster and gentler way to remove unwanted hair, with permanent results. Using leading technologies GentleLASE® and GentleYAG by Candela, precise and controlled pulses of light based energy are applied to target the hair follicles lying beneath the skin’s surface. Emitting a gentle beam of light, the laser energy is absorbed and transformed into heat, destroying the hair follicle and leaving surrounding skin unaffected.

The GentleLASE® features Alexandrite lasers which are effective in targeting both coarse and finer hair. The GentleYAG by Candela specializes in treating all skin types particularly those of tanned, dark or African American tone. It also offers unmatched treatment capabilities in unsightly leg veins, wrinkles and skin tightening procedures.

The system features patented Cryogen cooling system that delivers fine mists between pulses to minimize pain, protect skin, and enable laser energy to gently reach and effectively treat hair follicles. Delivering maximum results with minimal discomfort.

Why Laser Hair Removal?

Unlike conventional hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing or depilatories that are time-consuming and only provide short term results, Laser Hair Removal is quick, safe and effective. Employing the world’s most advanced and powerful laser technology, The GentleLASE® and GentleYAG by Candela, to provide long term results with significant hair reduction of up to 85% to 90% after six treatments. It permanently reduces ingrown hair in all skin types, including tanned skin. And, it’s FDA approved.

How should I prepare for a laser treatments?

Laser hair removal is more than just ”zapping” unwanted hair. It is a procedure that requires extensive training to perform and carries potential risks. While our staff of technicians are fully equipped to handle any concerns, we ask that you follow proper laser hair removal preparation procedures to ensure the best treatment possible.

What should I expect during a laser hair removal session?

The laser equipment will be adjusted according to the color, thickness, and location of the hair being treated as well as your skin color. Based on these elements, cooling systems will also be adjusted to provide less discomfort.

Next, your technician will emit a pulse of light to the treatment area, assessing the settings as well as monitoring for bad reactions. Given the settings are best for your treatment, the technician will proceed with the session and will check in with you as needed.

When the procedure is completed, anti-inflammatory creams or lotions will be provided to ease any discomfort. Again, we recommend scheduling followup treatments four to six weeks later and continuing treatments until hair growth has stopped.

How many laser hair treatments will I need and how far apart should they be scheduled?

Since various hairs will enter their growth cycle at different times, approximately 6 treatments at intervals of 4-8 weeks are necessary to disable most of the follicles in a given area. Treated areas such as the face usually require more frequent treatments whereas legs and back require less.

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